CNN’s subjugation

March 31, 2014 § 2 Comments

CNN plays on a CRT monitor TV above my head at work as I work in my cubicle. Here are a few things I have picked up in the past month.

1. Everything is BREAKING NEWS. I don’t know how any anchor or host can go to sleep at night knowing they have covered everything that occurred during the day as BREAKING NEWS. I no longer know which events are perceived as major and minor news due to the term BREAKING NEWS, now rendered utterly useless. Most recently I discovered the 5.1 (5.8?)  earthquake in California is still BREAKING NEWS and plan to return for its “second act.”

I feel like the news wants to scare me from living life. Maybe it is just my imagination.

2. If something is major news, it is surely this Malaysian air flight. I am in total disbelief (then again, should I be?) that CNN can cover such a topic continuously throughout the day for now 24 days in a row. The only thing we know is that the case state hasn’t changed: Flight 370 unexplainably vanished. One more peculiar thing is the amount of time covered on the conspiracy theories. Since it is harmless, let us sit around for 18 hours and dish out conspiracy theories. That is no fun; I want to discuss other conspiracy theories that actually challenge the system. Also, the Australian government stepping up comforts me into believing the US government will completely disengage. Other than that, I don’t know much about the situation.

3. North Korea is back testing their long range ballistic missiles and apparently is in a sea battle with South Korea. One can only guess who initiated the conflict.

4. According to my coworkers, war isn’t a big deal. Americans are, as the term goes, “war weary,” utterly exhausted and dejected by war. I hear them, and people in general, refer to wars as another sporting event. Similar to the citizenry in 1984, Americans have become accustomed to the nightmarish and no longer fictional concept of “perpetual war.” The nuanced Orwellian phrase is correct: “perpetual war for perpetual peace” is essentially the explanation given to us by our rulers leaders. There is war for peace and covert, ignored, simultaneous (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, now eastern Europe and Russia) perpetual wars. But Condoleezza Rice says we mustn’t get “tired” or “weary,” according to remarks she made at a GOP fundraiser. She continues, “When America steps back and there is a vacuum,” the oft regurgitated line goes, ‘trouble will fill that vacuum.” Therefore, one can conclude, America must always and be forever be involved in every affair because conflicts are a certain, and without American intervention throughout the years, the world would have eaten itself alive.

This is the same Rice who the media entertained might join the 2012 race with Romney. How was she any different, materially, from any other GOP candidate? Americans are stupid.

5. The best news of all: Piers Morgan Show is at its end. Will the UK re-admit the criminal?

6. BREAKING NEWS: GM recall.

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