Great news: secessions (and support for slavery) are on the horizon!

March 25, 2014 § 4 Comments

In the midst of all of the badness in the world, great things are happening. Venice voted to secede from Italy, and a more popular area of the world at the present moment, Crimea from Ukraine.

Led by the US, the G8 parroted President Obama, labeling the move by Crimea as illegitimate and against international law (I can’t repeat myself enough: does anyone believe the G8 including the US care about international or domestic law?)

Though overlooked, it is peculiar to me that in the 1990s, the international community supported the break up the Soviet Union into smaller European states but now do not support the Crimean secession from Ukraine to rejoin the Russian Federation. In addition, as Michael Rozeff pointed out, to claim a parliamentary and referendum, vote isn’t legitimate because of Russian troops presence or “invasion,” logically speaking, assuming government officials are able to speak logically, then the Iraqi and Afghanistan elections are not legitimate either due to the decade plus presence of American troops.

This is, of course, a preposterous statement considering the latter example was an actual invasion.

(Let me stop for a second and address the concern of an actual invasion. If Russia’s move is considered an invasion and they actually did force a vote, how does this all of a sudden become America’s problem or something “we,” and I use that term loosely, should fix? It doesn’t. It  should still be none of our business.)

Secession is a great thing which involves the natural right of freedom of association. An individual has the freedom to associate himself with whom or what he wishes. More secessions are on the horizon all across Europe too. Naturally, man desires to disassociate himself with an oppressive (or non-oppressive, for the conditions are irrelevant) government or a land he has no ethnic/cultural ties with.

My favorite secession of recent history is South Sudan from mainland Sudan in the summer of 2011 after decades of tensions and war. This was done, as if it matters, democratically through a referendum, passing with a 99% vote according to NPR. How come President Obama and Hilary Clinton didn’t declare this as illegal and illegitimate? How come South Sudan, that stubborn “country,” didn’t just reason with the Sudanese government, follow “international law,”  and allow the ethnic cleansing and massacring?

In these cases, it is a “country,” that is, for all intents and purposes, a group of people under a particular government (1) who wishes to divorce from their government.

Secessions, unlike civil wars or invasions, should be–and I highly emphasize should because history proves contrary–peaceful. They aren’t declarations of war. They aren’t threats of war from the country wishing to secede. Quite the contrary. It is a declaration of independence (sound familiar?) from a parasitic government. It is the last plea of hope for the Leviathan to release its parasitic claws.

Even the socialists should support secession. But the Socialist doesn’t because through all of the rhetoric and literature, the Socialist strongly opposes freedom and self-determination. If you disagree with an ideology or philosophy, the most honorable thing one could do is allow one to practice that related lifestyle and even build a community adhering to those principles. To quote Cato’s Institute Executive VP, David Boaz, applying to all philosophies

One difference between libertarianism and socialism is that a socialist society can’t tolerate groups of people practicing freedom, but a libertarian society can comfortably allow people to choose voluntary socialism.

One last point. It is to my understanding that in order for one to support secessions, as a pre-requisite, one must support slavery, too. So, for the record, to clear any possible confusion, I am a firm supporter of slavery.

(1). For an extremely interesting read posing the question “What is a Nation-State,” click here for Michael Rozeff’s article discussing the use of the term “nation.”

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§ 4 Responses to Great news: secessions (and support for slavery) are on the horizon!

  • kp152 says:

    Two questions. What is voluntary socialism? And, if you, or someone you love, were a slave, would you still support slavery?

    • Mr. Bab says:

      Hello and thanks for commenting.
      “Voluntary socialism” refers to voluntarily being apart of a socialist group, community, etc., say, for example, a church perhaps where the congregation places the group’s need above individuals, cares for each other more so than themselves or puts their individual funds into a pot and dishes it out according to the group’s need. If a group of people, or “country,” want to exhibit socialist ideals and principals, they can–so long as they don’t force others to participate.
      My support of slavery was tongue in cheek. It was sarcasm directed toward critiques of secession who bring up slavery. For some reason they are unable to separate the two.

  • kp152 says:

    Understood. Thank you.

  • Johne718 says:

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