Illegal immigration: a non issue

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The main issue with immigration is the same issue with other government edicts. A group of suited men and women come together and declare it illegal to cross a line over a piece of land they don’t own. Who put them in charge? I certainly didn’t. In fact, I threw away some junk mail voter registration cards recently. Solicitation. How do they declare the land their own? No one knows and only a reference to the social contract is made. When we signed to or agreed to this social contact I’m unaware of.

Immigration is a wondrous thing in my opinion. Groups of people, fed up with their present land, leave, often times with little money, in hope of experiencing a better life in a perceived better land. What could be more reminiscent of the birth of the 13 Colonies (excluding the Native American massacre) turned USA? instead, we have widespread hostility and negative press of the diseased immigrants coming to take “American jobs.” More on this flawed concept later. I am no scientist but I visited Africa once and was required to take vaccination after vaccination before ever boarding a plane. From this, I made the assumption that countries with lower standards of living are (surprise!!)  apt to carry diseases and sickness due to their nature of being 2nd and 3rd world countries.

America, a melting pot of mixed nationalities, once slightly lived by the slogan, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” in reality, like other American slogans, mean mush.

What effect would immigration have on the economy?

To address such a question would require a utilitarian and nationalist response. First and foremost, I don’t concede the idea of an American economy. Free market necessarily require me to look at the economy without borders. Chinese trade with Peruvians and Indians trade with Australians. They are Chinese not because of the economy they predominantly operate out of (obviously they operate on the world economy) but because of their homeland, their place of birth and/or residence. The same goes for jobs. Immigrants don’t take American jobs; they take jobs located in America. There are jobs located in America that go to whomever the employer chooses; thus, Americans do not have a monopoly on jobs in America. To follow this theory would revert us to the 1700′s mercantilist economy of “economic nationalism for the purpose of building a wealthy and powerful state (EconLib).”Every current economist would concur such an economy was inefficient but doesn’t think twice to consider the correlation between, say, a sugar quota (ahem, Reagan), a tariff on Chinese tire imports (cough, cough Obama) or this immigration situation.

Immigration is more likely to drive down the wages of lower skilled workers. The cashier or cart pusher would be more affected by an influx of immigrants than the dentist or certified public accountant. Lower wages lead to lower priced goods for purchase by the regular Joe and Jane, thus allowing the regular Joe and Jane to keep more money in their pocket to spend elsewhere or save.

Another thing that’s being left out the immigration dialogue is the founding of the 13 Colonies. Europeans came to America, exterminated and wiped out Native Americans with guns and diseases, settled, then other nationalities migrated with their own diseases, time passed and here we are today–having a debate over immigrants on welfare rolls. I have never met anyone who came to America looking to sign up for welfare. As a son of a Nigerian immigrant living in Texas, I repeat, I have never met anyone who came to America to be on the welfare roll. They leave that for the American citizens.

If the welfare state is to remain like the majority of the country wishes, then it is to be maintained without the addition of illegal immigrants. But the issue here, again, is missed. Welfare is the problem, not families wanting to live in a perceived better country. Regardless of the legality of the welfare recipient, welfare is the problem.

Conservatives who purport to support the free market should be embarrassed. At the end of the day, immigration boils down to freedom of movement. Either we own our bodies and are free to move wherever we wish (so long as we don’t aggress upon others and their properties, of course) or we don’t. The issue here black and white. Open up the market and allow competition to flourish.

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Writing less, Hobby Lobby and entrepreneurship

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May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

As a first generation American whose parents and older brother was born in Nigeria, current events in Nigeria and Africa in general have a somewhat immediate effect on me. Nigerian-Americans are fond of saying “Nigeria is so corrupt,” as if Nigeria has a monopoly on corruption. That is neither here nor there. « Read the rest of this entry »

The After Party: new group in Detroit with old ideas

April 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today I received an email with the subject “New Political Populist Party Launching in Detroit” from a group named he After Party. Slightly interested in the new developments of any city but especially the rapidly-changing Detroit, I clicked on the email and read what the After Party had to offer.

The first thing I read was the AP “will work for a guaranteed basic income for all Americans, removal of corrupt politicians.” The latter I can stand with, I guess, though “corrupt politician” repeats itself (have you ever heard of an “honest politician”?). « Read the rest of this entry »

Americans are still disinterested in Ukraine (and rightly so)

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According to every major poll, Americans are not interested in meddling in Europe and can’t locate Europe, much less Ukraine, on a map. No one with a clear mind understands why the government is so interested in this conflict, considering no one has threatened America, they aren’t a threat to any national security or the Constitution, and impose no effect on internal politics. In contrast, if the guys who pull the strings (more on that later) decide to inject themselves in the conflict, their actions threaten America, the national security and violate the Constitution. As a libertarian, I hate using collective terms when referring to the country but I will today: intervening in Ukraine is not in our, that is, the regular Joe, interest. It is clearly in whoever is controlling the executive branch’s interest and clearly President Obama isn’t calling the shots. They have no interests in the public welfare (there I go again); they only have interests in furthering themselves and their globalist agenda. « Read the rest of this entry »

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Why not a 100% tax? And other schemes…

April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

This post is slightly edited from the original October 2012 draft; also, it must be noted, at a time when I followed politicians.


In light of the upcoming so-called fiscal cliff I decided to publish this draft written almost two months ago .

I wish VP candidate Ryan pushed VP Biden a bit further when he mentioned (video) that a 100% tax on income earners above $250,000 would only run government for 98 days. I like to contribute to this foregone discussion Walter Williams “Eat the Rich” article that a 100% tax on $250,000 and above households and then a 100% corporate tax isn’t enough for the federal government’s annual spending appetite.

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