2014 Ft. Hood Shooting and Hip-Hop

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In response to the Ft. Hood shooting, Butler Shaffer wrote a short blog post (here) noting what has long been true about the military. Despite military members being “trained to destroy the ‘enemies,’ the cost to this “militaristic thinking and behavior” often results in the “dispirited destruction of the inner life—the psyche and soul of the individual—which often generates mental illness and a propensity for suicide by those unable to live with what they have done with their lives.”

I haven’t seen the shooter’s, Ivan Lopez, counseling report to confirm this particular shooting is exemplary but as time passes, more information will be available to make a judgment. To my knowledge, the only thing certain as of yet is that he was diagnosed with PTSD, which we can almost say with certainty he was prescribed psych drugs.

The “dispirited destruction of the inner life” is a recurring theme in Hip Hop that’s connected to the torment from selling drugs, committing murder and engaging in other violent, illegal acts–in short, living the gangster lifestyle.

Going back as far as my musical memory allows me, what comes to mind is the song “Feel Like I’m the One Who’s Doing Dope,” by Pimp C of UGK on their Too Hard to Swallow album in 1992. In the song, Pimp C narrates the life of a delusional, violent fiend who repeatedly blacks out and whose only focus is his next fix. At the end of the song, the fiend is being pursued in a police chase for the rapes and murders he’s committed when Pimp C reveals to the listener the surreal experience was only a dream.

“Mind Playing Tricks On Me” by the Geto Boys is a more popular song and their single released just a year before and, perhaps, was the inspiration for the UGK song which samples a bar of Scarface’s verse for the chorus, “Day by day it’s more impossible to cope/I feel like I’m the one that’s doing dope.” Rap Genius, a lyrical interpretation site, describes the song, correctly in my opinion, as “Hip Hop’s most famous paranoia anthem that inspired a whole generation of rappers to rap about the mental stress of the gangsta lifestyle.”

For my baby readers, perhaps you have heard the Jay Z song “Fallin’” when he says “The irony of drugs is sort of like you using it/Guess it’s to sides to what substance is/Can’t stop, won’t stop, addicted to this new shit.” Jay z’s verses is a bit more nuanced than the previous two which deal with being tormented as a result of an act or lifestyle vs. the dealer, too, being addicted to the consequences, i.e., money, material wealth, and the “high,” so to speak, of the said lifestyle.

This condition isn’t exclusively for military members, veterans and rappers, of course, and can be applied to everyday life when we commit knowingly wrong acts and suffer from guilt, conscious, etc. as a result.

According to the bit of Senate Armed Services Committee hearing I saw held today in Capitol Hill, Lopez saw no combat in Iraq. But this doesn’t matter, as the officers who testified should know. I’m not sure why the media keeps repeating this line. Regardless if Lopez was a truck driver who saw no combat, the mere fear and paranoia of being in a war theater (do you know what happens during war?) is sufficient enough to warrant extreme stress, anxiety, paranoia and other symptoms associated with combat veterans. As a Marine myself, I know non-combat Marines who are on medication to deal with the aforementioned symptoms. In fact, I know a few truck drivers, more correctly, Motor Transport (MOS: 35XX) who “saw no combat” and nearly lost their life during a driving route.

Lastly, the best way to deal with PTSD is to avoid war in general, and considering there should have never been an Iraq Invasion in the first place, all of this could have been avoided.

My condolences go out to the bereaved.

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Why not a 100% tax? And other schemes…

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This post is slightly edited from the original October 2012 draft; also, it must be noted, at a time when I followed politicians.


In light of the upcoming so-called fiscal cliff I decided to publish this draft written almost two months ago .

I wish VP candidate Ryan pushed VP Biden a bit further when he mentioned (video) that a 100% tax on income earners above $250,000 would only run government for 98 days. I like to contribute to this foregone discussion Walter Williams “Eat the Rich” article that a 100% tax on $250,000 and above households and then a 100% corporate tax isn’t enough for the federal government’s annual spending appetite.

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CNN’s subjugation

March 31, 2014 § Leave a comment

CNN plays on a CRT monitor TV above my head at work as I work in my cubicle. Here are a few things I have picked up in the past month.

1. Everything is BREAKING NEWS. I don’t know how any anchor or host can go to sleep at night knowing they have covered everything that occurred during the day as BREAKING NEWS. I no longer know which events are perceived as major and minor news due to the term BREAKING NEWS, now rendered utterly useless. Most recently I discovered the 5.1 (5.8?)  earthquake in California is still BREAKING NEWS and plan to return for its “second act.” « Read the rest of this entry »

Great news: secessions (and support for slavery) are on the horizon!

March 25, 2014 § 3 Comments

In the midst of all of the badness in the world, great things are happening. Venice voted to secede from Italy, and a more popular area of the world at the present moment, Crimea from Ukraine. « Read the rest of this entry »

Rozeff on Ukraine and Russia

March 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

This past week was very busy. I want to share a blog entries by Michael Rozzeff regarding the Crimean situation, printed with permission from LewRockwell.com.

For an update, the gist is this: Crimea’s parliamentary and referendum overwhelmingly voted to join Russia. Led by Obama, 7 major countries warned such a move would be illegitimate and in fact illegal. Now the results are in and we await the reaction by the international community.

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What books are you reading?

March 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here is my list!

Of you know me, you know I love literature, literacy, etc. all of that goodness.

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Why Minds Alike?

March 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Why Minds Alike?

I can answer that in many ways. This isn’t a post about why one should read Minds Alike. To list the innumerable reasons would bring fatigue to both you, the reader, and I. « Read the rest of this entry »

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